Tuya Smart will present a unique All-Scenario Smart Home Experience Zone at IFA, in which visitors can emerge themselves from August, 30 to September, 5 in a fully-connected prototype home of the future.
Tuya Smart, a global AI IoTsolution provider that was founded just four years ago, is today the world’s leading AIoTAI+IoTplatform. From networked lighting to smart safety systems, appliances from different brands will be connected throughout the makeshift home, with features such as the Bluetooth Mesh Matrix making the technology work like a personal butler.

Tuya Smart – a global AI IoTsolution provider for the European market

Tuya Smart makes technology solutions for OEMs, turning traditional devices such as lighting sockets into IoT-connected devices for the smart home. Tuya Smart has developed thousands of software and hardware products for companies including Archos, TCL and Alexa, and currently serves over 10,000 clients across the globe, reaching millions of consumers with over 20 billion daily device requests and more than 6 million daily AI interactions. Tuya’s cloud service, which has accumulated data upwards of 1PB (petabyte), complies with high-level encryption technology to guarantee its client’s data security.

Democratising the smart home with new partners

Tuya Smart is on a mission to bring affordable and easy-to-use technology into our homes. It enables OEMs to transform traditional products such as lightbulbs into connected devices in much less time - and at a fraction of the cost - than if the manufacturer were to create its own solution.

One such company that has recently chosen to partner with Tuya Smart is Archos, the French multinational electronics company established in 1988. Thanks to the Tuya OEM APP engine, Archos was able to implement its own smart technology, Hello Connect, a voice interactive platform compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, offering easy integration to control a large catalogue of smart devices, ranging from light bulbs to robot cleaners.

Founded in 2017 in Silicon Valley, tuya has data centres in Portland (Oregon, US), Frankfurt (Germany). Tuya Smart is the first global platform that fully works with Amazon Echo, Google Home and IFTTT. https://en.tuya.com

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